Autumn Term 2019: Art History

Looking at Paintings: Peter Regan

This course is the first one offered by the newly formed Amble and District Education Association. It will include two gallery visits, and is intended to introduce participants to a wide range of paintings in the Western tradition. The emphasis will be on looking at paintings as evidence of their social origins and what they tell us about contemporary tastes, beliefs and attitudes.

Sessions are of 2 hours and take place at Trinity Methodist Church in Amble on Thursdays at 10 a.m, except for those days when there is a gallery visit. No previous knowledge of Art History is needed.

26.9.19Introduction: Art and History. Paintings as evidence. Religious and history paintings – the heroic.
3.10.19No session
10.10.19History and the Landscape. Maps, Topography and depictions of nature
17.10.19The Picturesque and its history
24.10.19Visit to Edinburgh: The Scottish National Gallery, The Mound EH2 2EL. Meet at the entrance 11.30 a.m. (10.01 train from Alnmouth arrives Edinburgh 11.06 – a five minute walk from Waverley Station). Lunch at 13.00, followed by a further two hours in the Gallery. Current train return times 16.06, 17.00 and 18.08. There is no entry charge to this gallery and there is a cafe in the gallery but plenty of places to have a picnic outside if the weather is good. Remember that if you purchase tickets 12 weeks before your date of travel you can get them at greatly reduced costs.
Regretfully, we must ask you to please keep in mind that if you have difficulties re health and mobility this may not be a suitable day for you.
31.10.19Portraits: Van Dyck, Gainsborough, Vermeer, Rembrandt & others.
7.11.19Visit to Laing Art Gallery, New Bridge Street, Newcastle NE1 8AG. Meet at entrance at 11 a.m. Lunch at 13.00. Afternoon visiting optional.
14.11.19Genre painting: the everyday in Art
21.11.19Painting after photography.