Covid safety measures mean that we will be unable to meet in person next term. In response, we have put together an exciting programme of online talks using Zoom. Members have kindly stepped forward and offered their services for free, with a range of fascinating and highly visual presentations under the theme ‘Armchair Travelling’.

To take part, please email Allan Sutherland at and let him know which sessions you wish to attend. He will then send you the link for that session so you can join in from the comfort of your own home. You can either attend the whole block or individual sessions, whichever you prefer. All sessions will take place on Thursdays and begin at 10.00 and end at 12.00. They will be in two parts: the first part will comprise the presentation, followed by a short break, then the second session will be for Q&A and Discussion.

If anyone would like help in gaining confidence with Zoom please contact Allan who will be happy to help.


Armchair Travelling

17 September Richard Booth ‘Uganda: a virtual tour of game parks, people and history’ See photos here.
24 September Alan Jones ‘Angola: reminiscences during a ceasefire’ See photos here.
1 October Ian Baulch-Jones ’Around the world in 80 affrays’ See photos here.
8 October Richard Booth ‘Scapa Flow: the scuttling of the German fleet in 1919 and a virtual tour of the wrecks’ See photos here.
15 October Alan Jones ‘Bolivia: an ecological project in the Andes’ See photos here.
22 October Ian Baulch-Jones ‘Getting more Bang for your Buck: weapons development through the ages’  See presentation here.
29 October Richard Booth ‘Hidden Historical Gems of Northumberland’ See photos here.
5 November Alan Jones ‘The Sir Wilfred Grenfell Mission to Labrador’ See photos here.
12 November Ian Baulch-Jones  

‘Dien Bien Phu: birthplace of the Vietnam War’ See slides here.



  ADEA Guide to Zoom

  • Click the link on the e-mail and Open Zoom App if already downloaded.
  • Enter meeting ID and password if required.  Wait for host to connect you to meeting.
  • Ensure video and microphone are switched on.
  • Some key buttons. Bottom left of screen (on laptops and PCs) you will find the Mute Button.  (Top right on ipads and tablets.)
  • The ^ Button (next to mute) controls microphone settings.

                    Zoom etiquette, some suggested guidance:

Adjust the camera so that your head is positioned clearly on the screen and not cut off or only showing the top of your head!

Try and remember to look at the camera when talking rather than at the people on the screen. This will allow for eye contact, which helps engagement with the audience.

Use a quiet room/space free from noise and other distractions.

Avoid distracting backgrounds. Your surroundings potentially can say a lot about you to other viewers! Aim to have a simple background that is not too distracting.

Lighting.  Try and position yourself with most of the light coming from in front of you (from behind your monitor) instead of from behind you. If you have a window behind you, then close curtains/blinds.

Avoid eating during the meeting or engaging in other distracting “private’ behaviours.  Remember you are on camera!

Switch on and log into the Zoom meeting a few minutes before the meeting is due to start.

Try and remember to use the mute button when others are talking. This will cut out distracting noise/feedback.

Put your hand up if you want to speak – Zoom even has a facility to do this- you will find the wave symbol under the participants tab.

You can also use the ‘chat’ feature, which allows you to ask questions or comment on something whilst another person is speaking without interrupting them.

Try and avoid talking over/speaking at the same time as other participants. Remember you are on camera so the way and manner you speak will be amplified and may cause unintended upset.

Finally, don’t hog the screen.  Time is limited to two 40-minute meetings. Try and be concise when speaking.