Have you decided whether Lord Armstrong was ‘wor hero’ or a war hero?

Did you know that Boulmer was once known as the smuggling capital of  England ?

Have you handled a slave manilla retrieved from a sunken wreck, or a rifle from the American Civil War?

Have you explored the fascinating historical quayside area in Newcastle and visited Trinity House and sat in the chair which was specially built for the visit of Charles 1st?

Do you agree that Homer’s Iliad still matters today?

How is your knowledge of architecture…how many village churches have you visited in Northumberland ?

Have you walked in seven year old Bede’s footsteps at Monkwearmouth ?

You can tell from this small sample of questions that our courses have been varied, interactive and have sparked our curiosity as well as developing our knowledge and understanding. Our members have wide ranging interests and enjoy learning with and often from each other!

We joined the group several years ago and have enjoyed all the courses. Some subjects have been new to us and on some courses we revisited known areas but learnt a great deal more!

We particularly enjoy the relaxed and friendly nature of the sessions. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions and contribute if they want to and the mid-morning coffee/tea breaks are great opportunities to chat, exchange views and ideas and to get to know other members.

Joining this group has been a significant and most enjoyable part of our retirement and we look forward to Thursday mornings in the autumn and winter months when we can listen to high calibre, knowledgeable lecturers / tutors who are passionate about their subjects and, like the group members, are truly lifelong learners!

Jim and Rosie Barrett